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My Portfolio

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In This Moment - 2024
Short Film dir. Andrew Fitzgerald
Houseplant Productions (UK)

Tiger's Blood.PNG

Tiger's Blood - 2024
Short Film dir. Ruth Ann Kvamme & Zachary Scheidt
Ugly Duck F.M.C Productions (USA)

Dune Trailer - 2024
Original score & sound design elements. Dialogue editing.
Nick Bramald

Unity Horror Game - 2024
Integration of custom 2D & 3D audio assets into Unity engine. Original score & SFX.
Nick Bramald

Ford Fiesta Dog-bot Commercial - 2023
Custom sound design & implementation
Nick Bramald


FMOD Studio Audio System - 2023
Vertically integrated adaptive audio system built in FMOD.
Nick Bramald

Unity Adventure Game - 2021
Custom looping soundtrack, SFX implementation and voiceover recording.
Nick Bramald

A Christmas Tale - 2021 - Spitfire Award Winner
Spitfire Audio competition winning short track.
Nick Bramald

The Outsider - 2021 - UH Award Winner
University of Hertfordshire award winning soundtrack.
dir. Sofia Ivanova-Kozhevnikova  score. Nick Bramald / Will Donaldson

Cosmic Peaks - 2023 
Performed in one take by the San Diego State Symphony
comp & orchestration. Nick Bramald

Cosmic Peaks
00:00 / 04:15

To the Fore! - 2024
Recorded in one take by the BBC Elstree Concert Band
comp & orchestration. Nick Bramald

To the Fore!
00:00 / 04:06
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